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            Life of an Experimental Filmmaker

It's weeks, months, or even years of complete devotion. You are exhausted. Your friends can't stand to hear about it anymore. Your closest relationships have either weakened or broken up. You are three times older than you should be. Your parents can't sleep from worry when they think about your future. Your house has become a repository for sentimental objects. But none of this matters because now is the time to show off your child. It's time to enter your film in festivals and see it conquer the world. Financially, you are either on the edge or you have been accepted into the debtors' club, but you can still take out a loan from someone you swore you would never borrow from...

The reality of registrations.

The script is a fever dream by Neil Gaiman. The lead actress surprised everyone. From an amateur, she turned into a monster of dedication and drew a few tears from the crew. The cinematography seems to have been born out of one of Greenaway's finest moments. To cut costs, you learned to edit, and it turned out so well that your friend, the real editor, gave you a congratulatory hug. The soundtrack is almost Greenwood-esque. The direction could have been better but was far from bad. There are several possibilities for awards. It should be so, but it isn't. The vast majority of festivals will charge not only the festival entry fee for your film but will also charge a separate fee for each subcategory you want your film to compete in. This means that the excellent quality of your work as a whole can go almost completely unnoticed if you can't afford so many registrations. The organizers of Experimental Brasil have already been through this. They know how wrong this is and have decided that one entry is enough to make your film compete in all subcategories

-Best Experimental Short Film (Between 1 and 59 minutes including credits. With Meaning/Script).
*Best Experimental Short Film Director
*Best Experimental Short Film Script
*Best Experimental Short Film Editing
*Best Experimental Short Film Cinematography
*Best Experimental Short Film Soundtrack
*Best Experimental Shorty Film Art Direction
*Best Experimental Short Film Sound Design

*Best Experimental Short Film Actor
*Best Experimental Short Film Actress


-Best Experimental Feature Film (60 minutes onward. With Meaning/Script).
*Best Experimental Feature Film Director
*Best Experimental Feature Film Screenplay
*Best Experimental Feature Film Editing
*Best Experimental Feature Film Cinematography
*Best Experimenta Feature Film Soundtrack
*Best Experimental Feature Film Sound Design
*Best Experimental Feature Film Art Direction
*Best Experimental Feature Film Actor
*Best Experimental Feature Film Actress

-Best Experimental Abstraction (Any length. Pure experimentalism without script)

-Best Experimental Film made with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
-Best Experimental Music Video. The music doesn't have to be experimental ( although it's better if it is) but the video must be.

-Interview on the festival website (text)
-Review of the film on the festival website (text)
-Video-recorded performances based on the winning films in the following categories: Best Experimental Short, Best Experimental Feature, and Best Experimental Abstraction.

-Films that particularly catch the eye of our judges will win a Video Feedback.

*In the future we plan to give cash prizes as well.

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