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"Holy Moly. What to say about this festival? I'm beyond touched by this singular experience and that passion that radiates from this avant-garde film lover community. I mean, who knows what to expect from the inaugural year of an experimental festival taking place in an abandoned sugar factory outside of Rio? I was moved by perhaps the most eloquent and astute reading of my film Demon Box, a highly personal mixed-media meta film which deals with generational trauma, the Holocaust and suicide. That was followed by video of a screening where a performance artist was smashing eggs to experimental music while my film played in the background. Unexpected and awesome!! And then a wonderful interview that asked profoundly reflective questions. The whole thing was a wild ride and I'm all for it!! So refreshing to feel so much love and attention put into creating and nurturing a marvellous community. I couldn't recommend it more."


Sean Wainsteim. Filmmaker

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