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Experimental Brasil

Experimental Cinema Taken Seriously

Cinema is surprising us less and less. Warm screenplays. Themes approved by everyone. Surprises are not expected. Surprises are not welcome. A standard soundtrack for every genre. A standard cinematography. Standard editing. If you have seen and heard one, you have seen and heard them all. Even in the independent circles this is the rule. You won't find trailblazers producing wild dreams, but anemic cow breeders milking air and peddling lies with aspartame. Our work is scattered here and there, in events not made for us and created by organizers who see experimental cinema as something lesser. The purpose of Experimental Brasil is to gather quality Experimental Films, and show them to a really interested audience, in an alternative setting that matches the festival's proposal. An EXCLUSIVELY Experimental film festival, made by those who make and breathe Experimental Cinema.

Cinema Sui Iuris

We, at Experimental Brasil, firmly believe in creative independence above all else. Therefore, we remain entirely independent from ANY government incentive laws, ANY institution, or ANY political party. With this approach, we ensure that nothing can, directly or indirectly, influence our judgments regarding films submitted to our festival. The funds for our festival solely come from film submissions. Our commitment is to you, the independent filmmakers and artists, and to no one else.


Sister Festival



BR Banshee

Horror and Drama for Adults

We have the need to feel something that leads us to explore the limits of who we are. We need to understand the boundaries that define us. That restrict us. That set us free. We need to feel in order to be, and the abysses along the way are the chisel that sculpts us best. Our limits start at the beginning of our fears, and our dramas give meaning to the chaos of the process. The color palette of cinema is as vast as human emotions, and its darker shades are at one end of the spectrum that most prefer not to visit. These are areas that show us that nothing is guaranteed and that death, no matter how discreet and silent it may be, is always nearby. La Santa Muerte. The Patroness of horror films and the filmmakers who worship her. BR. Banshee exists to be a home for adult horror and drama. For films that don't shackle themselves and haven't lost their courage. Perhaps it's the right festival for you.


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