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The Bytes Dreams Are Made Of
Movie Review
By Fabricio Estevam Mira

          Is filmmaking easy? Yes. From the worst camera phone to the worst drone, you can record anything, put a title on it, and call it cinema. Is it easy to make good cinema? Absolutely not. Infinite possibilities in audio and video to be polished and transubstantiated into a cohesive piece. Is there a cinematic genre that is easier than the other? Not necessarily. It is more a question of how far the author wants to go with the work. How deep he wants to go. But while within the palette of each genre there are its own difficulties and masticated paths, there remains one genre, where the struggle for the birth of the film is characteristically more exhaustive: Experimentalism. In Experimentalism the only rule is also the most difficult rule of cinema (and Art): create your own reality and make, with your bricks, your own path to arrive at your truth. And while most experimental filmmakers, in their lifetime, will not be able to exude a minute of creativity, Alessandro Amaducci, with his The Bytes Dreams are Made Of, has forged, in one hour and seven minutes, a delicious silicon delirium that floats and dances in a DMT atmosphere. It's a wild, absurdly authorial electronic dream, where Amaducci not only creates tons of visual delights, but also, the excellent soundtrack, which ranges from breakcore to arabic themes. He mixes retro style CGI with real women in filters that, if in the first seconds can cause strangeness, quickly are accepted by the mind, which starts to inhabit the world built by Amaducci. It is a work of incredible energy and passion. A master class in experimental cinema, made by a highly differentiated artist.


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