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So many borders in so many corners, in so many worlds, just waiting for a little courage. Textures. Densities. Musics. Beats. Breaks. Noises. Silences.  A little boldness in these days of dryness and self-flagellation. We keep on filming. Looking for new universes under stones, abandoned ruins, cigarette ashes, and films that no one watches. We explore in minefields. We throw ourselves into a sea of colors, smells and chaos.


Experimental Brasil embraces artistic courage and innovation, providing a platform for filmmakers who challenge the norms and push the boundaries of cinematic expression. We focus exclusively on various styles of experimentalism, celebrating the diversity of creative experimentation in the world of cinema.

We invite filmmakers from all corners of the globe to join us on this journey of imaginative exploration. Whether you're an experienced professional or a debut artist, Experimental Brasil offers a space where your unique ideas can shine. We believe in the power of boundless creativity, and we welcome submissions that represent the myriad ways artists can experiment and redefine the possibilities of storytelling through film.
Experimental Brasil is not just a festival; It's a call to all filmmakers who dare to dream beyond the ordinary, who refuse to be confined by conventions, and who embrace the beauty of artistic experimentation.

"I got the impression that Experimental Brasil is an uncompromising grass roots festival that seeks to avoid the careerism and hypocrisy of what is, after all, an industry. If you’re passionate about creativity over pay checks, Experimental Brasil could well be the festival for you. I certainly intend on submitting films as long as this festival exists and I have something to submit to it. Hopefully, one day I’ll get to experience this underground community of free spirits. So refreshing."
                                                                       C.S. Nicholson. Filmmaker

"We would like to thank you warmly for your involvement and the strength with which you defend experimental cinema and, through you, our vision of the world. It gives us great hope."
                                                                     Joëlle Wider. Filmmaker

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