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Movie Review
By Fabricio Estevam Mira

While we still live the last moments before the definitive arrival of the shivaistic angel named Sora, we play and learn with the imperfect first creations of artificial intelligences, transforming prompts and images into videos. They are primarily sources of B-Rolls, where excited experimenters try to create cohesion and substance, while fingers merge into almost paws, and the firmness of legs oscillates between gelatinous and rubbery almost solid, in the colors of a time as volatile as it is fantastic. And in these insecure first steps on new ground, small promises emerge. Artistic sketches of how to paint with chaos.

The animated short film Cat Chaser is a delicate and gentle attempt. A brief floating smile modeled by a young storyteller named SiJia Zheng. A simple story, where a boy sees a cat fishing in the clouds, and decides to prove to everyone that his vision was not just a youthful illusion. It's simple and sincere. The short scenes without dialogue, limited by the tools used (Midjourney, Runway, etc.), are connected with creative and illustrated intertitles. A uncomplicated, light, and efficient solution. The overall atmosphere of a modern fairy tale is very well explored both visually and musically, and probably, perhaps it is one of the best ways to utilize the tools for this type of content. Cat Chaser serves as a likely introduction to the world of a young and sensitive filmmaker, who, by all indications, will skillfully ride this unstoppable tsunami that is knocking at our door

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